This Post is Inadequate

I know I’ve been failing pretty spectacularly at keeping up with my writing goal for 2018, but rest assured I have been doing one new thing a week. I just…uh..haven’t been doing the writing part very well.

Last weekend we had amazing weather, so I took the opportunity to get on my bike, which I’ve only ridden a handful of times since I purchased it late last summer. My wife and I decided to head out on a portion of the Centennial Trail that neither of us had walked, biked, or ran.


I’m continually amazed by the incredible beauty I live among and the ease of access to it. We rode for 11 miles, almost all the way to the Idaho border, before we turned around and came back to the Millwood Brewing parking lot (22 miles in total!). Millwood Brewing is a new brewery that Abbie and I had been to only once before. The beer was pretty good, especially for a new place, and it was lovely to sit in the sunshine and drink a well-won beer.

The next day, we decided to continue our outdoor adventures. We headed out for a hike in Dishman Hills, a place my wife is very familiar with, as she was a staff member at the West Valley Outdoor Learning Center and led many school hiking trips in the hills. However, we took a route neither of us had done before.

We did end up lost at one point, and had to walk along a service road to get back to the parking lot, but it was a beautiful day. Neither of us minded much.

I’m trying to be better about being more active, drinking less, and taking care of myself. In order to do so, I’ve found myself feeling distant and cut off from some of the people I hold dear. In some cases, the distance is warranted and necessary. In others, not so much. I’m learning I need to find that balance again.

Right now some major shifts are happening around me, and I’m having a difficult time wrapping my brain around what’s going on and also how to write about them. I’m hoping that a few weeks from now I’ll push out quite a few more introspective pieces worthy of your time. Love to you all.


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