A Listicle

I haven’t had a ton of time lately to go do new things OR write about them. I have done some new things, though; they just aren’t very glamorous. So instead of writing a big long post about one new thing I did each of the last two weeks, I’m going to write a short post about a lot of little new things I’ve done lately.

  • I submitted an essay to one of my favorite publications (it was rejected).
  • I applied to attend a writer’s retreat in Los Angeles this summer.
  • I started up a new Twitter account after having taken a two-year absence. (Pleeeease follow me. No one follows me.)
  • My wife and I spontaneously decided to drive down to Moscow, Idaho to visit a couple of breweries. We ended up at Hunga Dunga, which, despite its rather strange name, is a pretty damn good brewery. They also had some really tasty food. They had a makeshift outdoor kitchen on the porch leading up to the brewery, and then used the end of the bar as the rest of the kitchen. It was very odd, and yet somehow they churned out truly delicious food. We shared a sausage and “wheatberries,” something I’d never heard of in my life.
  • I walked out of my job when I was told not to, and am now facing disciplinary charges. Weeeeeeee! It’s a long story, but here’s a short version of it: last Friday I had a post-surgery follow-up appointment that required me to leave work ten minutes before the kids were dismissed, which is totally allowed in our contract, so long as we get permission and find another staff member to cover our class. I did both of those things, but ten minutes before I needed to leave, my principal pulled the staff member who was going to cover my class and told me I couldn’t go. The appointment was super duper important, so I found another staff member willing to watch my kids and I left. Now I’m in some shit.
  • My wife and I, who already own a small business and vowed never to own another one, are in the planning stages of potentially starting another small business…because apparently we like torture. I’m more than a little excited about it! We’ve decided this time around will be different–I will definitely quit teaching to go full-time immediately, if we can make it work. Also new–we’ve decided that we don’t want to go it alone this time and have already approached a potential partner.
  • After this latest debacle at work, it has become crystal clear that my district and my school are no longer good fits for me, so I’ve decided to leave at the end of the school year (unless something terrible happens and I can’t).
  • Confession: I’ve totally sucked at running, yoga, not drinking too much beer, etc. So I’m working on that this week.

So that’s it, folks! See, I told you I’ve been busy.


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