Disappearing Act

I am notorious for starting blogs, investing time and energy into them, and then disappearing into the night. See, I didn't renege on my quest to do one new thing a week...I just didn't write about them. Truly, I did them. And some of them were incredible. I ate new things, went new places, met... Continue Reading →


This Post is Inadequate

I know I've been failing pretty spectacularly at keeping up with my writing goal for 2018, but rest assured I┬áhave been doing one new thing a week. I just...uh..haven't been doing the writing part very well. Last weekend we had amazing weather, so I took the opportunity to get on my bike, which I've only... Continue Reading →

A Listicle

I haven't had a ton of time lately to go do new things OR write about them. I have done some new things, though; they just aren't very glamorous. So instead of writing a big long post about one new thing I did each of the last two weeks, I'm going to write a short... Continue Reading →

Be Good. Then Be Better.

What a couple of weeks, y'all! In this post you're about to get a twofer, because you do not need an entire TMI post on my surgery and its aftermath, so instead you're going to get a quickie followed by a real post. My last post covered the week of January 29, which was quite... Continue Reading →

The Worst Years

I'm super stoked to tell you about the new thing I did during the week of January 29. My friend Amy, whom I have written about before, is a fellow middle school English teacher. Also like me, she encourages her students to push themselves and get out of their comfort zone. At her middle school... Continue Reading →

A promise

Readers, I had to take a bit of a hiatus these last two weeks. I had surgery earlier this week, and I spent a good amount of emotional energy preparing for it last week and this week. I'm still a bit under the weather--I'm typing from the living room couch, which I'm sure will have... Continue Reading →

Bye, Bye, Bye

When I first started this project, I said I would try to keep my writing free of politics, not because politics aren't important and something I live and breathe daily, but because my current struggle with depression was (and is) inextricably linked with the outcome of the 2016 president election, and I want this project... Continue Reading →

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