Be Good. Then Be Better.

What a couple of weeks, y'all! In this post you're about to get a twofer, because you do not need an entire TMI post on my surgery and its aftermath, so instead you're going to get a quickie followed by a real post. My last post covered the week of January 29, which was quite... Continue Reading →


The Worst Years

I'm super stoked to tell you about the new thing I did during the week of January 29. My friend Amy, whom I have written about before, is a fellow middle school English teacher. Also like me, she encourages her students to push themselves and get out of their comfort zone. At her middle school... Continue Reading →

A promise

Readers, I had to take a bit of a hiatus these last two weeks. I had surgery earlier this week, and I spent a good amount of emotional energy preparing for it last week and this week. I'm still a bit under the weather--I'm typing from the living room couch, which I'm sure will have... Continue Reading →

Bye, Bye, Bye

When I first started this project, I said I would try to keep my writing free of politics, not because politics aren't important and something I live and breathe daily, but because my current struggle with depression was (and is) inextricably linked with the outcome of the 2016 president election, and I want this project... Continue Reading →

On Writing

It's winter break, y'all. And I feel like taking some time off from everything. I still have essays left to grade, art projects and drama monologues to score, and plans to write for next week. But for the moment, I'm putting it all off for one more day. Here in Spokane we're forecasted for quite... Continue Reading →

Is It My Turn?

To cleanse myself of the heavy post I wrote about last week's new thing, I am keeping this one (mostly) light and fun. My friend Jason is a local musician and librarian extraordinaire. He has fronted a classic grunge-style garage band here in Spokane for many years, which means he has connections to performers and... Continue Reading →

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